AstaReal Astaxanthin helps as a Nootropic for your brain (Infographic)
release ⁄ 10.20.2022

What is a nootropic?
It’s an ingredient or a supplement that is used to enhance memory or other cognitive functions.
When demands on your brain are high and you want to maintain your performance over a long period of time, it’s common to search for products that can support your cognitive power.
How AstaReal Astaxanthin helps as a Nootropic for your brain? 
Whether your target market are gamers or a hard workers both need a sharp and performing brain. The more mental fatigue, the more mistakes during E-sports tournaments or meetings with stakeholders and customers.

Add AstaReal®​ Natural Astaxanthin, winner ingredient of the Nutra ingredients Asia Awards for cognitive function, to your next nootropic formulation to give your customers’ brain all the support in their daily battles either in the office or on the virtual field.

AstaReal Cognitive function ingredient of the year. Nootropic


We supply proprietary astaxanthin
with our know-how and science.
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