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For over decades, we provide the market with high-grade natural astaxanthin, and AstaReal® astaxanthin has been chosen globally in the nutraceutical industry for its safety, quality and stability. We offer astaxanthin ingredients in a variety of specialized forms that suit your requirements and support our customers to develop innovative and competitive products together with our expertise obtained from over 30 years of R&D on astaxanthin products. Most of the grades are Halal & Kosher certified, ideal for vegetarians, and free from major allergens, proudly produced in Sweden, the USA and Japan. AstaReal® has been used in over 70 human clinical studies that proved various health benefits and had been evaluated in over 40 safety studies and had reported no-adverse event.
  • AstaReal Oil
    AstaReal® Oil (Oleoresin)
    5%, 10% standardized, high quality astaxanthin oil.
    Extracted from Haematococcus pluvialis algal biomass produced by using a solvent-free supercritical CO2 extraction technology. Large scale and stable supply from Sweden and USA. Ideal for softgel capsules and functional foods such as chocolate and gummies. We also have cosmetic grade made in Japan.
    Halal & Kosher certified, ISO&HACCP certified (Sweden) and USP&NSF-GMP certified (US).
    Ideal for Softgel Capsules   Functional Foods
  • AstaReal Powder
    AstaReal® Powder
    Free flowing fine 4% astaxanthin powder.
    Free flowing fine astaxanthin powder. Natural astaxanthin is derived as an oil extract from algae. AstaReal, with market-leading R&D and with our cutting-edge spray dry technology, has overcome technical challenges to create high quality astaxanthin powder from oleoresin oil and improved grain quality. Designed to endure the heat in the production process. Ideal for food manufacturing application, hard capsules and tablets.
    Halal & Kosher ・ Made in FSSC22000 certified facility in Japan
    Ideal for Hard Capsules   Tablets   Functional Foods
  • AstaReal CWS Powder
    AstaReal® Cold Water Soluble Powder
    2.5% CWS astaxanthin powder for powder drinks and supplements.
    Drastically improved solubility, dissolves in cold water in just 30 seconds! Taste-free & odor free, AstaReal successfully removed specific odor and taste of alga that astaxanthin ingredients have. No oil ring formation, stable in hot water and across a wide pH range, easy to handle and ready-to-use for making functional powder drinks. The demands of this product increasing in US and Asia due to the market growth of powder drink and powder type supplements.
    Halal & Kosher ・ Made in FSSC22000 certified facility in Japan
    Ideal for Powder Sachets  Powder Drinks   Functional Foods
  • AstaReal WS Emulsion
    AstaReal® Water Soluble Emulsion
    1% water-soluble astaxanthin emulsion.
    Excellent solubility in any kind of drinks, and unrivaled transparency and clarity make this ingredient one of a kind in the industry. Stable across a wide pH range, good heat tolerance enables pasteurization or UHT treatment, no oil ring formation. Great compatibility with a variety type of beverage, so truly ideal for ready-to-drink products. Add multiple health benefits to your beverage products with our water soluble liquid.
    Made in FSSC22000 certified facility in Japan
    Ideal for Ready-to-drink   Functional Foods
  • OEM Bulk Capsules
    AstaReal® Bulk softgel capsules
    Looking forward to quickly launch an astaxanthin product in your market? We have your back! Ready-to-launch softgel capsules with AstaReal® Natural Astaxanthin in bulk for your needs and target market. Just add your brandname and you’re good to go.
  • AstaReal Novasta
    Novasta® for Animal
    Astaxanthin powder for animals nutrition
    High performance feed ingredient containing natural astaxanthin whole-algae, and used in supplements to support optimum health and nutrition for a variety of animals.
    Made in ISO&HACCP certified facility in Sweden.
    Ideal for Pet supplements

Innovate cutting-edge products with AstaReal®!

  • Astaxanthin for Dietary Supplement
    – Softgel
    – Hard Capsules
    – Hard Tablets
    – Effervescent Tablets
    – Powder Sachets
  • Astaxanthin for Food & Beverage
    Functional Food Products Such as:
    – Chocolate
    – Nutrition bars, cookies, cereals
    – Gummies, candies, chewable tablets
    – Icecream, dairy products

    Functional drinks such as:
    – Ready to drink shots
    – Cold water soluble powder sachets
    – Coffee, tea, fruit juice, smoothie

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Retail Products

Medical Nutrition

We offer safe and functional nutrition products and skin serum together with high-level evidence, exclusively for healthcare professionals proactive in preventative and advanced health management.
  • AstaReal ACT2
    AstaReal® ACT2
    Dietary Supplement
    Science based formulation for your optimal health. Our best-selling product available in 4500 medical institutions in Japan, and multiple countries.
  • Astarism
    Facial Serum
    Skin conditioning serum with high astaxanthin concentration and great absorption into skin. Endorsed by dermatologists in Japan.
  • AstaCare
    Dietary Supplement
    Advanced formula in combination with astaxanthin, ubiquinol COQ10 , vitamin D3, tocotrienol and zinc, to support the active and healthy lifestyle.
  • AstaMed MYO
    AstaMed MYO
    Dietary Supplement
    Originally designed for management of sarcopenia.Formulation developed by the joint study with University of Washington.

Official Distributors for Medical Nutrition Products

Hong Kong:   Mindly Healthcare
Taiwan:    Imperial Biotech Co., Ltd.
Thailand:   3N Intertrade Co., Ltd.

We are currently looking for the sales partners all over the world!

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Consumer Care

We offer safe and functional nutrition products to health-conscious consumers for health management and aging care, and to athletes who want to pursue better performance without building up fatigue from training.
  • Astavita e
    Astavita® e
    Dietary Supplement
    Designed to relieve mental and physical fatigue in daily life. Classified as “Foods with Function Claims” in Japan.
  • Astavita Sports
    Dietary Supplements
    Supplements for athletes and active people. Endorsed by professional athletes in Japan, Informed Choice certified (Anti-doping certification).
  • Akaimegumi
    Dietary Supplement
    Made with whole alga powder, contains abundant nutrients; dietary fiber, unsaturated fatty acids, 9 kinds of minerals such as calcium and iron.
  • Astamate
    Pet Supplement
    Dietary supplement for pets backed by clinical study. Support muscle and health, and also great to improve coat shine.
  • Astaxin
    Dietary Supplement
    Ideal for healthy and energetic living. World’s first human dietary supplement containing astaxanthin now available in Europe and China.

Why AstaReal®?

  • AstaReal Bulk brand
    Committed to Safety, Quality and Reliability
    To Meet Global demand and to deliver unsurpassed customer value, we offer the best natural astaxanthin ingredients.

AstaReal group pioneered the world’s first commercial production of natural astaxanthin from the freshwater microalga H. pluvialis, and launched the first human dietary supplement containing natural astaxanthin. Since then, as the leading innovator and world’s largest producers, we continue leading scientific research, product development, quality and supply of natural algae astaxanthin. We offer a wide range of high-quality astaxanthin ingredients for food & beverage, dietary supplements for humans & animals, and for cosmetics to brand owners all around the world. We also deliver science-based finished products containing AstaReal® astaxanthin to support people who wish to lead a healthier and active life as long as possible.

  • AstaReal Bulk brand
    Best choice to meet consumer needs
    • – Natural plant source, microalgae
    • – Non-GMO
    • – Self-Affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe)

    The richest natural source of astaxanthin is microalga called Haematococcus pluvialis. When comparing astaxanthin contents per 100g, Haematococcus algae of AstaReal contain 6000 mg whereas krill contains only 4 mg. The quality of algae is already different from other suppliers. Ideal for vegetarians and shellfish allergy consumers.
  • Advanced indoor technology defines safety and quality
    • – Pure and mature astaxanthin with greater stability
    • – Hygienic conditions free from contaminants
    • – Superior taste and odor profile

    For algae cultivation, AstaReal Group decided to use a hygienic controlled indoor closed tank system build in a clean area of the facility, which allows no contamination and no pollutants. Furthermore, with an indoor closed tank system, all the parameters such as temperature, mixing, light intensity, nutrition can be fully controlled 24/7. Quality and purity of the product are beyond comparison with outdoor closed or open-grown astaxanthin, enabling us to deliver high stability, greater taste and odor astaxanthin ingredient to markets. Safety and quality should be prioritized over the cost.
  • Stable Supply from 3 factories
    • – Consistent and stable supply as largest manufacturer globally.
    • – Internationally recognized and audited quality certifications
    • Sweden: Facility ISO9001 and HACCP certified, product Halal & Kosher certified. Japan: Facility FSSC22000 and GMP certified, production Halal & Kosher certified USA: Facility NSF GMP registered, production USP, Halal&Kosher certified.
  • Most Studied Astaxanthin Brand
      • – AstaReal® was used in over 70 clinical studies on astaxanthin globally.
      • – Science backed, clinically proven efficacy
    Studied area: Brain health, Eye health, Muscle & endurance, Skin health, Anti-fatigue, Liver health, Diabetes, Heart health, Fertility, Immune health, Gastrointestinal health, and more.
      • – Evaluated in over 40 safety studies on various dosages (up to 45mg) and timeframes (up to 6 months.) and reported no-adverse event.
      • – World Leader in Astaxanthin Patents for Human Health

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We supply proprietary astaxanthin
with our know-how and science.
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