AstaReal presented the latest research in Astaxanthin related to skin health at Glenmark’s Center of Excellence Events 2018
event ⁄ 10.12.2018

Glenmark’s series of CME events, already in their third year, took place this year in Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi. The events focused on the newest developments in laser technology and their applications in dermatology. Particular attention was given to measures for protecting skin against environmental influences and the particular role of astaxanthin as a new and powerful antioxidant in the fight for healthy and beautiful skin.
The events were well received with around 150 dermatologists attending each of the three meetings. Well-known dermatologists from the USA (Dr. M. Gold; and Israel (Dr. A. Friedman; gave a series of lectures on the use of the newest laser technology (Alma; in dermatology and cosmetic dermatology.
AstaReal’s Dr. Schackenberg gave an overview of the increasingly important role that astaxanthin is playing in skin care and skin health.

The presentation and the following panel discussions

initiated lively discussions between the audience and the panel, sharing their experiences with astaxanthin, addressing crucial questions about suitability, efficacy and dosage, but also questions about source and quality. Afterwards, Dr. Schnackenberg was formally welcomed to the Center of Excellence as a faculty member.
The Glenmark’s events were a great success, with the audience and presenters enjoying a fruitful exchange of information and experiences, returning home inspired with new ideas.

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