AstaReal is an expert in astaxanthin, a functional micronutrient derived from natural algae. We deliver astaxanthin, produced in our biotechnology facilities in the U.S. and Sweden, together with the latest nutrition science and know-how directly to users all around the world. We also provide product development support as an innovation partner to BtoB customers who manufacture functional foods and supplements.
Consumer Care

Consumer Care

We offer quality and functional nutrition products to users who are conscious about daily conditioning and aging care, and to athletes who want to pursue better performance without building up fatigue from training.
  • Astavita e / HLA
  • Astavita Sports
  • Akaimegumi
  • Astamate
  • Astaxin
Medical Nutrition

Medical Nutrition

We offer safe functional nutrition products exclusively for medical use to healthcare professionals who are active in preventative and advanced health management, together with high-level evidence that is eligible in medical and healthcare settings.
  • AstaReal ACT 2
  • Astarism
  • AstaCare
  • AstaMed MYO
Innovation Support

Innovation Support (for BtoB customers)

For BtoB customers, we support their innovative product development and provide value-added astaxanthin materials together with a set of basic and clinical data, as well as expertise obtained from over 20 years of research and development on astaxanthin.
  • AstaReal Oil
  • AstaReal Powder
  • AstaReal Water-soluble
We supply proprietary astaxanthin
with our know-how and science.
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