What’s it Like to Work at AstaReal?
The AstaReal Group strives to advance a new healthcare paradigm where people can practice health management, prevention and therapy in their daily lives and enjoy their own lifestyles. For that, it is necessary to obtain recognition, understanding and support for this new healthcare paradigm among users, healthcare professionals and business partners. This is a worthwhile, yet challenging mission. Here at AstaReal, we think that passionate talent is critical for achieving that mission. We welcome people who are talented and passionate about creating the social impact of a new healthcare paradigm to come and join us.
Supporting a Healthy Work-life Balance

Supporting a Healthy Work-life Balance

AstaReal believes that a work environment is also another important factor when it comes to working with passion. We offer a set of benefit programs that support work-life balance and a good work place equally for all genders, as well as remuneration that is above the industry average.
Our HR Policy

Our HR Policy

AstaReal offers opportunities to pursue activities and growth that coincide with our own passions. For each of our employees to grow together with the group, we emphasize the following concepts when hiring talent.

    Sharing passion and commitment for realizing a new healthcare paradigm.

    Ready to become an “evangelist” that speaks about our astaxanthin and its potentials in one’s own words by learning the latest knowledge about nutrition science and astaxanthin.

    Proactive about making things happen.

    Ready to show leadership and willing to take responsibilities to accomplish goals, even if there are challenges.

    Respecting diversity (backgrounds or way of thinking) in order to sublimate the talents and passions of one’s colleagues and other members for performance as a team.


  • We’re introducing a new perspective on health management and prevention with nutrition science to healthcare professionals, rather than our product information.
    Retail Sales for Medical Institution, Japan
  • My rewarding moments involve when I get feedback that our products are practically used for health management and prevention of the users’ daily lives.
    Retail Sales for Medical Institution, Japan
  • Communicating to existing/potential users on a new concept of health management and prevention with nutrition science is my challenging mission.
    Marketing, Singapore
  • I have the opportunity to work with a wide range of business partners. We help them find the right solution for their product range so that consumers around the world are able to benefit from AstaReal® natural astaxanthin.
    Sales and Marketing, Sweden
  • What I’m doing is proposing for creating a new market category of functional nutrition for health management and prevention in Asia.
    Bulk Sales, Japan
  • We’re not just supplying astaxanthin. My passion is to strongly support customers realize their innovation with our technical knowhow and science.
    Technical Support, India
  • I’ve been striving for cultivation technologies and applied science for safe, potent and usable astaxanthin through my over-20-year research career.
    R&D, Sweden
  • I’m working for strategic operation on the global supply. Stable supply is a responsibility of AstaReal as a leading astaxanthin company.
    Strategic Operation, Japan
  • The highest level of product quality and secured safety is our standard. We believe it’s important for products to be used in health management.
    QA, Japan
  • At Astareal, we take pride in producing the purest astaxanthin to provide a better quality of life to our valued customers. As our logo says “Be you, just healthier”.
    Culture Lab Supervisor USA
  • To be able to constantly evolve to achieve synergy between the internal teams and our customers has been my daily goal.
    Strategic Operation, Singapore
  • We are always challenging ourselves to take our brand to the next level and to create healthiest generation with AstaReal astaxanthin.
    Marketing, India
  • What I like about AstaReal is that we are making people healthy and that means a lot.
    Production Shift Supervisor USA
We supply proprietary astaxanthin
with our know-how and science.
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